Thursday, October 8, 2015

Flashlight Thursday!

Today during silent reading, we turned of the lights and read with our flashlights!  This is one great way to enjoy reading!

Monday, October 5, 2015

"Extra!" "Extra!" "Read All About It!"

Today, we introduced one of my favorite novels!

City of Orphans

Mrs. Albrecht and I wanted the kids to get an idea of the theme and struggles the characters in our story will face, so we did a gallery walk.

After the gallery walk, we showed a book trailer.  I think they are hooked!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Saying good-bye!

Yesterday was Bini and Kike's last day here at River Ridge. We celebrated with hugs, goodbyes, and ice cream sundaes. We wish Bini and Kike the best of luck, and hope they keep in touch!!

Casper Bluff

Our afternoon at Casper Bluff turned out to be beautiful! Enjoy a few pics from the day!

The Thunderbird mound is the effigy mound that most people are familiar with at Casper Bluff. The class got to stand around the perimeter of it to get an idea of the shape and size.