Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Westing Game Scavenger Hunt!

As a review activity for the novel, The Westing Game, Mrs. Albrecht and I decided to add a twist of excitement. The students were invited to take part in a scavenger hunt. 

However, the students actually thought they were going to work on analyzing characters and looking for text evidence until Otis Amber, one of the characters from the novel, showed up on his bike, ringing his bell, and hand delivered a letter to the class!

One student was selected to read the Office of Estates and Wills's letter to their class.

Little did the students know, clues had already been set up around the school for their surprise scavenger hunt. Each clue had an item that corresponded to a character in the book, The Westing Game. There were 15 clues and character items, but there were 16 possible suspects. Therefore, the one character that was missing a clue was guilty of the crime. It was up to the students to solve the clues and identify which character went with each clue. The clues directly related to The Westing Game.

After the letter was read, the class was informed that their teacher received a video that day that explained exactly what they needed to do as beneficiaries to receive their inheritance.

Students were divided into 4 teams (blue, red, yellow, and green) and given a case file with character bios and their first clue. 

Students were instructed to keep one hand on their team's rope at all times.

When a team solved all 15 clues, they met up with myself or Mrs. Benson to identify who they thought was the suspect. They had to show us their character bios which should have had 15 of the 16 characters crossed off with only one character left. If the one character they had left was the culprit, then they were given the combination to unlock the locker that had their inheritance! They found out that some of the characters in the bios looked familiar because the photos were switched with staff members from school!!!