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Reading November 22nd 

Computer Lab:
Practice Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns

Veterans Day Videos

Science Video:  Matter
Bill Nye the Science Guy

Halloween Scavenger Hunt:

Use the working links for the scavenger hunt on the Web site to get to each of the pages you need to answer the following questions.   You will write the answers to the scavenger hunt down on this sheet of paperThe first five students with the most correct answers will get a Halloween prizes!! 

1. Before pumpkins were used for carving jack-o-lanterns, what vegetable did Irish and Scottish children use for making jack-o-lanterns?

2. Where is the world's largest pumpkin? How much does it weigh?

3. Go to: and find the ingredients for pumpkin fudge.  List them below. 

4.  Use Google search -- What did the Romans call Halloween?

5. Click on List FIVE of the Halloween Safety Tips – Click on Play Game Now, but don’t actually play it – it will take up too much time on your hunt!!






6. Using  Find a joke about Halloween.  Write both the question and the answer.



7. Using  answer the following questions.

Halloween history says that the Celts in Ireland started Halloween in the 5th century B.C. What was the name of the Celtic New Year that we now associate with Halloween?
8. When was trick or treating put on hold due to sugar rationing?

9. Go into the BIG graveyard at the Ben & Jerry's web site.  After entering the graveyard, go to the Haunted House.  What hiding behind the grandfather clock in the haunted house (click on it)?

10. Once completed – Raise your hand and have Mrs. Finley check your answers.  They must all be correct for you to be complete – if there are incorrect answers go back and correct them.  Then raise your hand when you think you are done, again!

GOOD LUCK!!!  When you are done you can go back and play around on the Ben and Jerry’s Web site in the graveyard and explore around the haunted house. 

Reading:  Word Work

Simile and Metaphor 

Please watch the following video reviewing similes 

and metaphors. Make sure you listen to the

 directions carefully on the video.  In your reader's 

notebook, please complete the task!

If you need to go back in the video,  you may!

When you are 

finished, please work on the worksheet provided.

Simile and Metaphor

Social Studies:

Please watch the informational video about Juan Pounce de Leon.  During or after the video, please fill out the foldable.


Please click on the links below and watch the videos about 9/11.  While you are watching them, please jot down your thinking on a couple sticky notes.  Focus on the skill compare/contrast and be thinking about ways the article and the video are being compared.

Social Studies

During social studies today, you will watch the videos listed underneath your cause.  While watching the video take notes.  After you have watched the videos, please search for more information on the web.  You will need enough information to act out the information in a skit that must be at least 2 minutes long.  Gather as much information you can from all resources!  

1. French and Indian War

2. The Sugar Act

3. The Stamp Act

4. Townshend Acts

5. Boston Massacre

6. Tea Act

7.  Boston Tea Party

8. Intolerable Acts

9. Battle of Lexington and Concord

Grammar Practice

Social Studies Web Quest:

Computer Lab Practice Time

Reading Center:
Today during ipad time please watch the video and learn how to play chess like our characters in The Westing Game

Computer Lab Time:
Celebrate Dr. Seuss



Compound Words

Wednesday Jan 13th

Main Idea Links:

1. Reading detective: finding the main idea:

 2. Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Floods: Finding the main idea

3. Working with the main idea

Tuesday, Jan. 12th

Leonardo's Horse quizlet site

Try this new site:
Computer Science

Please click on the link below:

Reading for today:

Word family sort online game:


Reading for today:

Please watch the video below!  When you are finished please complete the sheet on -ion and -tion endings.

Please practice your vocabulary words for the week by clicking on the link below.  First review the vocabulary words with the flashcards.  Then you may play the games.

Science Prezi:  

Please click on link below.  Use Prezi to fill out Science Sheet!

Reading for this week:  

Please practice your vocabulary words for the week by clicking on the link below.  First review the vocabulary words with the flashcards.  Then you may play the games.


Simile and Metaphor Center for this week:

Please watch the following video to review similes 


 metaphors. Listen to the directions on the video 

because you will need to record similes and 

metaphors in your reader's notebook. When you are 

finished, please work on the worksheet provided.

Ipad Time: Thursday, September 24th
To go along with this weeks story, please enjoy 
a Charlie Brown video on the transcontinental railroad that's 24 min long.  

Ipad Time:  Thursday, September 17th
Here are a couple sites for fact opinion and antonyms…

1. quizlet site for antonyms: 

Fact Opinion sites:
2. This is an Arthur site, but thought it was still OK

3. Online quiz that grades online, too.

4. Fact/Opinion on Quia

Computer Lab Time:  April 22nd
Earth Day

Science:  Wind Energy

Computer Lab Time: (April 13th- 16th)
Civil War Videos

Wednesday, April 8th

Mystery Websites:

Below are a couple of mystery websites for you to look at. Each site has mysteries for you to read and solve. Have fun!!

Tuesday, March 24th
Computer Lab Time
Here are a couple of videos to watch for Science:



Friday, March 13th
Here are a couple short Revolutionary War videos to watch.

Practice Main Idea
Ipad Thursday, March 12th
Click on the link and watch a video about the Revolutionary War

Ipad Thursday, March 5th

Social Studies:  Visualizing
What do you picture when you hear this music?  Why?

Reading:  View these videos and learn more about President's Day!

Social Studies Web Quest:

During Reading Today:

To go along with our unit question "What do people gain from the work of inventors and artists?", I would like you to check out the following links on different artists and inventors.

Computer Lab, Thursday, January 29th

Please click on the link below to take a practice ELA PARCC test.

Computer Lab time Friday, January 30

For your computer lab time today, please go to the following link to practice your vocabulary words for your story quiz today.  You will also notice a few extra words to help you work on shades of meaning.

Video for Centers:

Please click on the link below to take a practice ELA PARCC test.

Grammar Practice

Thursday, January 15th
During Ipad time please watch video below:
Social Studies:  Study of the 13 Colonies

Wednesday, December 17th
Type up you newspaper article on the site below:

Friday December 12th
Practice Vocabulary from the Best Christmas Pageant Ever!!

Thursday, December 11th
Science Site

Wednesday, December 3rd

Grammar Practice:
Common/Proper Nouns



Monday, November 25th

This year we will begin PARCC, which is the new assessment tool for the State of Illinois. Today you will practice by clicking on the link below:
Thursday, November 20th:
I pads today: Click on link below, and practice root words.  When you are finished with the link, complete worksheet practicing the -ion root. 

I pad Time Today:
Practice Vocabulary:  Click on the link below

When finished with quizlet please log-into pearson vocabulary practice:  
Unit 2: Week 2

Friday, November 14th
Grammar Practice:  
Regular and irregular plural nouns

Possessive Nouns

Keep Practicing:  

This year we will begin PARCC, which is the new assessment tool for the State of Illinois. Today you will practice by clicking on the link below:


Today in reading we listened to picture books and picked out cause and effect relationships.  Take a look:

More practice with Cause and Effect:


During I pad time today, you will learn a little more about the challenges immigrants faced while traveling to America.  Please watch the video on the Transcontinental Railroad, which goes along with our story of the week, Ten Mile Day.  Also, please watch video number 1 and then watch video 2.  When you are finished please comment via email or on a separate piece of paper.

1. Here's a short video about Ellis Island: 

2. Here's a short video on the transcontinental railroad


Today, click on the link below and listen to the story, "Not Norman."  While listen, notice all of the words using the ending -ing.
Then complete the Synonym Sheet using -ing endings.


Reading:  Ipad Time:
1st: Click link and log into Pearson 
Complete day 2 vocabulary practice

2nd:  Click on Quizlet for more Vocabulary Practice:
Remembering 9/11

Watch the video about 9/11
Then sign in to your email and post a comment about the video.  How did the video make you feel?  List a few facts about what you watched, etc.

Here are a couple of sites to visit if you need or want to work on reading or math facts over the weekend...

Math Facts:  My email to help you sign in:


Here are a couple of sites for IPAD time.....

1.  Here is a site where you will listen to the story Cinderella then answer ?'s on plot...

2. When you finish visiting the first site, click on pearson site:

3. Next, complete homographs page:

For your computer lab time today, please watch this short video about the Ice Age. When you are finished, use the Google search engine to look up answers to the questions on your worksheet.

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