Classroom Information

Attendance is very important!  Please try to schedule appointments after school or on days we don’t have school.  If your child is absent, please call Terri in the office at 815 858 9005 by 9:00 AM.

Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reader is a program that tracks the reading level of individual students.  Each student will be given a goal to complete each of the four quarters.  I will record your student’s goal and points on their weekly newsletter so that you are informed weekly as to how they are doing.  All students who meet their goal all four quarters will get the Wildcat Reader award at the end of the year.
Friday Folders
The majority of papers will be sent home on Fridays in a “Friday Folder”.  In there you will find:
* Weekly Newsletter
* Graded Papers
* Any important notes and/or reminders\
There is also a signature sheet in your student’s Friday Folder.  Please sign that each weekend so that I know you had the opportunity to go through your student’s papers with them.
Homework Folders
Yellow folders will come home nightly if your child has homework.  They will have their homework on the “to do” side, then when the worksheet is completed, it should be moved to the “done” side.  This is a good organizational skill to practice.
Lunch Money
Lunch money can be sent in on Mondays.  Students will be able to pay for lunches before the bell rings in the morning.  A helper will be upstairs at the top of the elementary stairs to collect money.
Bus Passes
Please call Terri in the office by 2:00 if your child needs a bus pass.  If you send a note, please include the address and bus number.  If you send me an email requesting a bus pass, please copy Terri on the email in case I happen to be absent that day.
Early Release Days
Please have a plan in place for scheduled and unscheduled early release days.  Many times students panic on an unscheduled early release day because they aren’t sure where to go.  It might be helpful to write a note in the front of your student’s planner reminding them of the plan.

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